LVGA First to Adopt-a-Spot in Monmouth County to Beautify Lincroft Village
The thousands of cars that travel on Newman Springs Road (aka Route 520) in Lincroft each day just might slow down a bit to view a much prettier landscape. That is exactly what the Lincroft Village Green Association (LVGA) hopes will happen when cars encounter the newly planted area just west of the Navy Road overpass. Where once only a swath of grass existed (a site often littered with obtrusive campaign signs during election season), the median dividing the highway has been beautifully transformed through the dogged efforts of the LVGA. The LVGA has been on a persistent quest to accomplish one of its stated goals to plant the area as a traffic calming measure and to beautify the entrance to the Lincroft Village. Walter Horan, the LVGA Vice President, who spearheaded the effort, was in constant contact with the county, engaging in many discussions and plan revisions with Monmouth County’s Clean Communities Coordinator, Mr. John Minton, to bring the LVGA goal to fruition. This persistent quest has taken five long years.
Walter Horan comments, “We realized that the county, which is responsible for Route 520, allowed businesses and groups to adopt a highway by cleaning up trash. We wanted approval for a variation on that program-- to landscape the median in the road. I think partly because this was a first time request, and due to line of vision and safety issues, it just took so long. Nonetheless, I am delighted to declare that the LVGA is the first entity to Adopt-A-Spot in Monmouth County. ”
This result is a prelude to what the LVGA always envisioned the Lincroft Village could look like-- a bustling village amid a bucolic setting. The cost of landscaping was provided by the LVGA which is actively seeking donations to supplement its funding and also add a Welcome to Lincroft sign. Danny’s Lawn Service of Lincroft, performed the landscaping services. Danny’s donated tree gators to facilitate watering for the trees and also agreed to donate the labor for maintaining the plantings for one year. ( ) The landscape design includes over 80 evergreens, perennials and annual flowering plants plus 11 Zelcova Green Vase trees. The Zelcova Green Vase, which resembles the vase shape of the American Elm, makes an excellent cityscape tree since it grows narrow and tall and is pollution tolerant. Lincroft Boys Scout Troop 110 also planted geraniums for instant and seasonal color.
Among its many accomplishments, the LVGA fundraised to improve the Lincroft Village Green Park it helped establish on Route 520 and researched and lobbied to create the very successful roundabout at Brookdale College. It continually informs its members of any pending development, ordinances or legislation that may impact the Lincroft quality of life issues. The LVGA actively seeks new members and donations for its activities, including the Rt. 520 plantings.