Past Projects

Four Ponds II Redevelopment (Updated December 2014) Preliminary and final major site plans for 228 townhomes along with depictions of the recreation facilities to service the community. 

Please see the link here to view all the site plans and narrative.

Four Ponds (Avaya) Redevelopment.   The original plan proposed to build 342 units (270 townhouses and 72 apartments with 68 of the apartments being COAH affordable housing rental apartments.) which represented an approximate 16% increase in the number of households in Lincroft Village.

Read all the associated documents here.

LVGA first to Adopt-a-site in Monmouth County. Navy Rd island beautified. more> 


Pedestrian Safety:   The LVGA has made numerous proposals to address pedestrian safety in the center of Lincroft. 

Crosswalks: Residential neighborhoods exist on both sides of Swimming River Road yet there are no designated crosswalks along the approximately one mile long road.  The LVGA has asked the county to establish three crosswalks along the road.  The request was subsequently passed on to Middletown Township which has rejected the proposal.

Arbor Day, April 25th, 2014:

Two Rivers Purple Beech trees were planted at the Lincroft Village Green by Molzon Landscape and Nursery. These trees are cone-shaped deciduous shade trees. They have gray bark and dark purple foliage and mature to a size of 75’ high and 40’-60’ wide. They will make a beautiful addition to the Green and were made possible by your generous donations to the LVGA.

Rivers Purple Beech trees are cone-shaped deciduous shade trees.  They have gray bark and dark purple foliage.  They require full sun with moderate water and well drained soil.  They mature to a size of 75' high and 40'-60' wide.  The Rivers Purple Beech trees have attractive purple foliage throughout the season.


Brookdale Community College. The collaboration between the LVGA and Brookdale Community College has been very productive.

During the last forty years, Brookdale Community College has experienced tremendous growth. With enrollment continuing to rise, the college is faced with many challenges. In recent years, while successfully managing their institutional growth, Brookdale has demonstrated their commitment to partnering with the LVGA to address the community’s challenges as well.

  • BCC is participating in ongoing meetings with the LVGA focused on community concerns and improvement projects.
  • BCC is actively engaged in discussions with the LVGA regarding possible solutions to diminish congestion at the college entrance and exit intersections. Brookdale supported the construction of the roundabout at the CR520 entrance and reports that it has been a remarkable success.• BCC has embraced the LVGA’s concept of “Smart Routes” to reach the Lincroft campus. “Smart Routes” are routes that either bypass congested areas or reduce the distance to the campus therefore relieving some pressure from Lincroft’s most congested roadways. BCC has published “Smart Routes” in their orientation materials and on the college website.
  • BCC has provided the LVGA with a meeting space to conduct our monthly Board of Directors meeting.
  • BCC fully supports the LVGA’s efforts to raise supplemental funds needed for the improvement of the Lincroft Village Green Park and, consequently, the college has pledged the use of their facilities for concerts and other fund raising events. Brookdale designed and printed the LVGA ad journal, which was used to promote the generosity of local businesses and residents that have made contributions to the park fund.

The collaboration between the LVGA and Brookdale Community College has been very productive. As our community faces future challenges and opportunities, we are looking forward to ongoing support from the college.

Road Projects
Due to the major roads that run through Lincroft, the LVGA has always taken an interest in anything related to CR520, the Garden State Parkway, and Route 18. Click here to review letters and correspondence. 

Majestic Avenue Controversy: In the summer of 2008 a flyer was circulated that incorrectly states that the LVGA requested that Majestic Ave. and Majestic Ave. South be connected at the cul-de-sac. The LVGA did not make that proposal, nor has it supported that proposal. 

Trash Truck Routes and Marpal Contract with Middletown Township: The LVGA would like to thank the Middletown Township Committee for its efforts to improve the quality of life of residents living along CR50 (Swimming River Road and Middletown-Lincroft Road). We are happy to report that the Committee acted on the LVGA's request to 1) require designated trash truck routes throughout Middletown that would minimize use of CR50 (Middletown-Lincroft Road/Swimming River Road) and require trash trucks to use state highways to enter and exit the Township and 2) prohibit trash trucks from entering the Township before 6 AM. Our request was made in a letter dated Nov. 20, 2006.  The Middletown Township Committee also reviewed several bids for refuse and recycling contracts and decided to not renew its contract with Marpal for the year 2008. 

Brookdale Roundabout Opens:  The long-awaited Brookdale roundabout officially opened on August 30, 2007 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Although many people were skeptical about the roundabout at first, the roundabout is now well accepted and is considered a definite improvement over the old light-controlled intersection.